BCC Annual Meeting Agenda and Voting Procedure


The revised Bylaws of the Brooktondale Community Center Corporation as approved at the Annual Membership Meeting of January 2015 specify the following “Order of business” to be followed at all Annual Meetings:

a) Introduction of continuing and departing members of Board of Directors.

b) Roll call of Officers.

c) Report of the Chair or Co-Chairs.

d) Report of the Treasurer, including a presentation of the Annual Financial Report.

e) Report of the Secretary.

f) Reports of Committees of the Board.

g) Reports of Committees of the Corporation.

h) New Business.

i) Concerns of the Community.

j) Report on new Members approved by the Board per Article 1 Section 3.

k) Election of Directors.

l) Adjournment.

The procedure for the election of new Directors at the Annual Meeting on Saturday, January 23, 2016 (at approximately 7:30, following the Food and Fun Potluck at the Main Building, 526 Valley Road, Brooktondale), is based on Article III of the Bylaws, with appropriate elaboration and specifications adopted by the Nominating Committee.

New Directors will be elected by means of a paper ballot in which all Members in attendance will be asked to vote on nominees presented by the Nominating Committee.  They may cast votes for those nominees only.  (Instead of nominations from the floor or write-in candidates, the Bylaws provide for “voluntary” nominations, as explained below.)  For a nominee to qualify as a candidate for election to the Board of Directors, he or she must receive a YES vote from a majority of voters.  If there are more qualified nominees than vacancies on the Board, the nominees receiving the most YES votes will be declared Directors.  In the event of a tie, voters will be given a second ballot with which to choose from among the tied candidates.  Elected nominees will serve as Directors for three years, from January 2016 to January 2019.

In keeping with provisions of the Bylaws, the Nominating Committee will present “voluntary” or self-nominated candidates who have informed it, in writing or by email, of their willingness to serve three-year terms.  Such a notice along with a biographical sketch must be received by the Committee at least a week before the Annual Meeting – that is, by January 16 for the meeting on January 23.